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Type: Fish
Diet: Carnivore
Average life span in the wild:
1 to 5 years
Size: 0.6 to 14 inches
Group name: Herd
Seahorses have no teeth and no stomach

   With the fast-paced era of communication technology, the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources-Caraga Region acknowledges the importance of Internet that allowed us to break through the geographical barriers which we also intend to take advantage of the great opportunity it offers and that made this website came into existence.
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  Notice of Negotiated Procurement - Two Failed Biddings

1. RFQNO 0001-14 Supply & Delivery of Bangus and Tilapia Feeds for PFO-Agusan del Norte
2. RFQNO 0002-14 Supply & Delivery of Bangus and Tilapia Feeds for PFO-Agusan del Sur
3. RFQNO 0005-14 Purchase of Deputy Fish Warden Badges
4. RFQNO 0006-14 Purchase of Non-Motorized Banca for PFO-Surigao del Norte
5. RFQNO 0007-14 Purchase & Delivery of Electrical Supplies


  FRLED 13 Intensifies Information Educational Campaign

Law enfrocement is a critical element of fisheries managament, ensuring that participants comply with restrictions intended to protect fishery sustainability and the marine environment as well. Effective fisheries enforcement requires responsible agencies and LGU's enforcement bodies to overcome challenges... Read More >>>


  BFAR-13 Celebrates Farmers and Fisherfolks' Month

The fisheries bureau in Caraga region opened the month-long celebration of Farmers and Fisherfolks' on May 2, 2013. This years' celebration was highlighted by the implementation of the 9th season of Fisherfolk Dictatorship Program... Read More >>

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Year of National Rice

Farmers and Fisherfolk Month
Venue:Gateway Hotel
May 05, 2014