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Levelling-off and Meeting with the Local Chief Executives and other Stakeholders on the Status of Lake Mainit Fisheries

Published by Andy

Local chief executives of the lakeside municipalities in Lake Mainit along with the provincial and national agencies and other stakeholders convened last november 27, 2018 to level-off for the status of their inland fishery resources.

Highlight of the forum was the presentation of the current report of the National Stock Assessment Program (NSAP) of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources in Caraga Region.

According to the report generated from NSAP, Tank Goby more locally known as Pijanga (Glossogobius giuris) comprises 74% of the fishery resource in Lake Mainit. However, the stock is being exploited by multi-gear resulting to high fishing pressure and the amount to the large number of juveniles hampered the chance to become mature and spawn.

NSAP also observed and recorded that the highest peak spawning season of this species falls in the months of April and September.

Being the fourth largest lake and second deepest lake in the Philippines, the meeting was held to inform the local government units of the current state of Lake Mainit Fisheries. In this way, LGUs, in coordination with BFAR, will be able to come up with initiatives and programs that will align and support the sustainability of the lake's resources.