Flower blooms from a bud and a butterfly metamorphoses. Like information dissemination, traditional method has proven its essence and continually evolves as the online world paves its way in the present generation. Our bureau through E-Commerce Act of 1998 (RA 8792), aims to provide immediate response using our website in order to address valuable concerns and queries.

Effective communication involves mutual understanding and continuous feedback from parties concerned. Here at BFAR Caraga, we intend o hear and resolve concerns within our mandate and scope of area.

Information is giving out and communication is getting through. In this website will appear BFAR’s latest updates on programs, projects, bid notices, services, usable communication materials and press releases to get through to you. This is also our way of complying with the transparency order of President Rodrigo R. Duterte.

You can likewise keep up with the Bureau’s current initiatives and actions through this page and via the BFAR official Facebook Page. Together let us work hand in hand on developing, managing and conserving our fisheries and aquatic resources for its sustainable use.

We welcome you and may I thank you for your visit to this website.



Regional Director

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